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Jack Elkins

Jack Elkins was born and raised in Manalapan, Florida. With his family roots stemming back to local corner store businesses in West Palm Beach, he grew up admiring his grandparents’ ambition that led to them becoming self-made entrepreneurs. Learning the importance of catering to clients’ needs, Jack took these values into the various roles he held. He eventually joined his mother in the family’s real estate business and revamped their outreach efforts, growing their online presence. While this task had its challenges, Jack looks back with pride in how this propelled his career. 

From day one, Jack and his mother were market leaders throughout their Palm Beach territories, and the pair soon unlocked the potential in Manalapan. Jack is still empowered by the foundational principles he learned from his family in his youth, and he goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. He has now represented a number of high-profile clients who have all been impressed by his sincerity and reinvention of excellence. Visit for more information.